Leander Sikma

Co-founder @ CrowdCaptain Product development iOS developer Android developer Web developer

Co-founder @ CrowdCaptain


With CrowdCaptain anyone can build their own app for their festival. Design, add your content and publish it to the app stores without any hassle. With CrowdCaptain you will gain a lot of valuable insights from your crowd via location data (heatmaps), interests of your visitors and much more. Interested in a festival app? Contact us!


FireTruck is one of the fastest website monitoring systems. You can let FireTruck monitor your site every 15 seconds, which means that you almost instantly get notified when your site is down. Think about the fact that every second matters when your business is down. Try FireTruck free for 14 days and let me know what you think about it.

Beleef de Sneekweek

I founded the Sneekweek App, an app for a local event, in early 2015 as a personal project to improve my product development skills. Besides building a REST API, Backend CMS, a native iOS & Android app, I learned a lot more about product development, beacons, marketing, sales and project management. More information can be found on BeleefdeSneekweek.nl (in dutch).


The very first WooCommerce iOS app based on the WooCommerce API. Manage your WooCommerce shop, view your orders and get insights in your daily and weekly turnover without any hassle. I built WooDash as a small side project in early 2014.


I'm Leander Sikma, a full stack developer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When I was 17, I decided to be a whole development team in one person. That's still the engine of my passion. After those years I learned a lot, such as iOS development, Android development and Web development. But also databasemanagement, serverarchitectures, distributed applications, product development, startups and entrepeneurship. I'm aware of the fact that I'm not going to reach my end goal, because it's to broad and the technolgy is changing to fast to keep up with a human brain. Nevertheless, it shouldn't hold someone back to doing everyday the thing he loves to do: creating (new) products, whatever the platform is. You're still reading? Maybe you're also interested in some other products/apps I created or to grab a cup of coffee.

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